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Max Bornstein, MBA
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Based in Miami, Florida, Max Bornstein extensively explores the globe developing a wealth of cultural knowledge. He began traveling at a young age and has visited over fifty countries and sailed on over forty cruises. Currently, Max utilizes his Master of International Business as a Realtor and simultaneously writes about his travels.


  • Sightseeing in Cienfuegos

    Sightseeing in Cienfuegos La Perla del Sur or Pearl of the South, Cienfuegos literally translates to one hundred fires, however, the city receives its name from José Cienfuegos, Captain General of Cuba (1816–19). Truly [...]

  • Ultimate Guide to Cuban Cigars

    Ultimate Guide to Cuban Cigars In 1492, Christopher Columbus arrived in Cuba to find the native Taino Indians lighting rolled leaves called “cohiba,” which they smoked after a ritual. Cohiba became adopted as [...]

  • 5 Sensational Sites in Santiago de Cuba

    5 Sensational Sites in Santiago de Cuba Situated on the south-eastern portion of Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, the island’s second largest city and original capital, has a rich cultural history worth exploring. The journey through [...]

  • 5 Magical Madeira Musts

    5 Magical Madeira Musts" Sir Winston Churchill delighted in visiting Funchal, the capital of Portugal’s Madeira island. Magnificent views of the ocean with whales swimming complement the lush green vegetation that engulf the mountainous island. [...]

  • Salzburg – “If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it!”

    Salzburg - "If it's not Baroque, don't fix it!" The Sound of Music and Mozart’s birth place draw hordes of visitors to Salzburg and here’s why: Much of the song ‘Do-Re-Mi’ from the Sound [...]

  • 5 Reasons to Visit Passau

    5 Reasons to Visit Passau A breathtaking city located on the convergence of three rivers, Passau’s Baroque and Gothic architecture combine with its winding cobbled streets to create a romantic experience. Here’s five reasons why [...]

  • 5 Tenerife Travel Ideas

    5 Tenerife Travel Ideas The largest Canary Island will mesmerize you with its volcanoes, tropical gardens, theme parks, wildlife, & architecture. Experience all the island has to offer by visiting these 5 spectacular [...]

  • Contemplation in Casablanca

    Contemplation in Casablanca I discovered the magic of Morocco once immersed in the heart of its culture during my stay in Casablanca. I’m still in awe over my experiences and here’s why: This beach [...]

  • Discover Another Planet on Lanzarote

    Discover Another Planet on Lanzarote The Canary Island of Lanzarote formed off the coast of Africa from volcanic eruptions and because of its other worldly landscapes has been the site of many films. Here’s why [...]

  • Barcelona’s Beauty Knows No Bounds

    Barcelona’s Beauty Knows No Bounds Founded as a Roman city and now the second most populous municipality in the Kingdom of Spain, Barcelona attracts tourists from around the globe and here’s why: [...]


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